Basic widget properties

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These are the basic widget properties of Gwf.
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Widget name

This sets the name of the widget (and of the project). Capitals in the name have a special meaning. The widget name influences the name of the widget structure, a part of the function names, a part of certain defines, and the name of the variabels. Captials in the name show of which parts a name is build :
For example: GtkToggleButton is build out of 3 parts: "Gtk" , "Toggle" and "Button". The structure name, function name, define name and variabel name are created this way:

Structure name : The widget name is not altered : GtkToggleButton remains GtkToggleButton ;
Function name : All characters are down-cased. Before each capital a underscore (" _ ") is inserted : GtkToggleButton becomes gtk_toggle_button (as in gtk_toggle_button_new() );
Define name :The widget name is split into two parts (if they exist). The first part is the first part of the widget name, uppercased. The second part consists out of the remaining parts, with an underscore between the parts, uppercased: GtkToggleButton becomes GTK and TOGGLE_BUTTON ;
Variabel name :If the widgets name consists out one part, the variabel name is that part, down-cased, Otherwise, it's the remaining part of the widgets name (so ,without the first), with a underscore between the parts, down-cased: GtkToggleButton becomes toggle_button ;

The widget name is the identifier of a project in the project list, thus it must be unique within that list (that is, unique for all projects in the program).

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This defines the name of the parent widget. The parent of a widget is the object-oriented ancestor of the widget. It inherits all properties of the parent. This property is, like c-source code, case-sensitive.

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Browse [parent] tree...

This calls up a window, in which it's possible to select the parent out of a tree of widgets. Widgets created with Gwf can be added to the parent tree.
This function is not yet implemented. Therefor it's disabled.

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Parent include

This sets the additional .h-file that needs to be included into the source-files for knowing the parent of a widget. This options has to be filed out, including marks wheter it's a system include or a regular include. System includes are entred like: <[filename.h]> , regular includes like : "[filename.h]". So'll you have to add them the same way you add write #include defines in a c-source, except ommiting the leading #include.
The gtk-include file (#include ) is always written to the source-files. Because of this, projects based on gtk-widgets, can abuse this option to include sources, other than the parent include file.

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Widget type

This function in not yet implemented and will probably be removed.

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