Gwf News & Release Notes

News about version 0.7.7
There was a bug in version 0.7.6 causing a crash when you tried to save a project, when no project existed. This bug was fixed.

News about version 0.7.6
The source writing wrote "#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG" at the start of each c-file. This should be "#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H", so it was fixed.
When loading or saving a project, the program remembers the last directory you entered. Also instead of showing a warnig, a filename can be entered when trying to save a project without a filename. Also both the file-selections start in you're homedir instead of in the program directory.

News about version 0.7.5
On the elements tab of the widget properties, the indicators for the get function ("Create get function" and "Allocate get value") showed the state for the set-function. This was corrected.
The element source writing wrote a number of line-feeds in the h-file, when no set -or get-function was created. This was removed.
The marshaller writing when there were no parameters declared (gtk_marshal_*__NONE) didn't work right : standard marshallers were not recognised and the marhaller name was invalid: *_NONE instead of *__NONE. Besides that, there was a semi-colon written after each marshaller typedef.
Also a button was added to the project options in the save-files tab. This buttons sets the filenames of the .c and .h file depending on the name of the widget.

News about version 0.7.4
Version 0.7.3 used the BSD-function scandir(), thus preventing a succesfull compile on Solaris and probably and number of other OS'es. This was corrected, and bug number 108940 was solved.
Also the properties "Strict parent checking" and "Strict type checking" were removed as they didn't really servered a purpose. It was an idea launched in the beginning of the program which proved useless later on.
The ability to display widget properties settings in a separate window was removed. This functionality wasn't implemented and it didn't servered any real purpose, so the architecture enabeling it was deleted.

News about version 0.7.3
On request of a user, the function and variabel names are now influenced by the captials in the widget name. Whereever there isa capital in the widget name, there will be an underscore ( '_' )in the function name inserted before the capital. For example: the function name of a GtkToggleButton is gtk_toggle_button.
Also there was a minor comestic bug: the number of tabs added after the functions was sometimes incorrect, thus showing a functions parameter list not inline with the other functions. This was fixed.

News about version 0.7.2
There was a known bug in version 0.7.1 which was fixed: clicking on the delete button of a signal or an element caused the program to crash. At first glance i thought it was a rather complex bug, hence the decision to bring out version 0.7.1 without this bug being fixed. Afterall, it proved to be very hard to solve. Also an other bug was solved, brought to me under attetion by a user of the program: the creation of the user plugin directories caused a crash. This was solved and there was also a change in it's behaviour: the directories were only created when they are neccesairy.Also there was a small change in the aboutbox: the webpage and the email-address were changed. Also the version shown was made to be in sync with the program version (as it should be!).

News about version 0.7.1
Version 0.7.0 included some major bugs which were discovered after its release, hence this quick update. There were also a few additions that were forgotten to be included in 0.7.0 or that proved not to be working as desired.

News about version 0.7.0
Finally 0.7.0 is ready now. The program had some really major changes. The most visual part of this was the complete redesign of the GUI. All separate windows of the previous version are now combined into one window. This way it'll be easier to quickly create a widget.
Also the complete non-gui parts were separated from the rest of the program. They are now part of a library which will be linked to the program. A more complete list of all changes can be found in the Changelog. Currently IMHO the program is almost finished now.
I'll be adding DnD functionality in version 0.8.0, and maybe create a Gnome version of the program. However, much work won't be done anymore (or someone has to come up with a good idea).

News about version 0.6.0
It took a little longer than i thought, but here it is: version 0.6.0!
The source code writing module is ready now. Real widgets can now be created, so the main functionality of the program is ready now. To do this, i had to add/remove/change some properties of the project: Because of these changes the fileformat is also changed (version 0.2.0). However it is of course possible to load the old format.
Also the I/O Buffers were removed. I planned to include a way to output the files to different "places" like directly send send via email, import in an other program, etc,etc. However during design I decided not to include this. I doesn't really add much functionality, and costs a lot of work :it wasn't worth the effort.
The whole project I/O functionality (Load, Save and Source code writing) is moved to a separate unit. It doens't belong in the mainwindow code where it was until now. To do this an error dialog was created. This window holds a list of all errors that have occured.
Also the configure script was updated: it now checks for libxml (gnome-xml). Also to functions of the program can be set:

News about version 0.5.0
Loading and saving of projects is now ready. Projects can now be saved to the native Gwf-fileformat (version 0.1.0). A description of this format will be(come) available on the webpage of Gwf ( It's also possible load and save using a specific buffer and file format (Advanced loading and saving). There was a small bug found in the Signal tab of the widget properties window, which was fixed : previously added signals weren't shown in the list. This became clear when a project was loaded containing signals. I changed the dialogs, so they have a variabel size, depending on the message, to conform a bit more to the gnome-dialog widgets, because of the planned port to gnome (in later versions). I planned to automaticly set the extension of a filename of a project, if it wasn't set by the user. However i doubt if this is wanted, so it's left out for now.

News about version 0.4.0
Complete rewriting of the GUI. All windows will be created as decendants of GtkWidgets. The widget options will be take care of the plugin settings. The file gwf_data.[ch] will be deleted, it's functionality will no longer be requiered when the windows will be designed as widgets. Also the Widget Tree window will be added WITHOUT drag-n-drop functionality, because this requeiers some great additions to the Data Plugin structures. This will be added in a later version. All windows are designed in a way to minimize the work needed to expand some functionality using plugins.

News about version 0.3.0
During development I noticed i couldn't stick to the roadmap as described in version 0.2.0. Plugin is so heavily integrated in the program it had to be made now (or atleast the structures needed to be ready). Building these I also added libxml to the project. None of these functions are as yet accesible, only the functionality is ready ,although it is not yet debugged.

News about version 0.2.0
The elements of a project and the options offered by the GUI are in sync now. Saving of these new elements will have to wait until verison 0.4.0 ,when libxml will be used to save the projects.

News about version 0.1.0
The primary GUI elements work now. I've planned to integrate source code writing in version 0.2.0. Now I've decided to shedule this for a later version, probably 0.4.0 or something like that.

News about version 0.0.1
Primary version with abilities to load and save projects.

News about version 0.0.0
Just a simple test version, nothing was released actualy.